Ordinary Wolves: A Novel

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  1. Ordinary Wolves: A Novel
  2. Ordinary Wolves: A Novel
  3. Copeland on Kantner, 'Ordinary Wolves: A Novel' | H-Nilas | H-Net

And yet, though he idolizes the indigenous hunters who have taught him how to survive, when he travels to the nearby Inupiaq village, he is jeered and pummeled by the native children for being white.

Ordinary Wolves: A Novel

When he leaves for the city as a young man, two incompatible realities collide, perfectly capturing "the contrast between the wild world and our ravaging consumer culture. In a powerful coming of age story, a young man isolated by his past must choose between two worlds, both seemingly bent on rejecting him. He lives with his wife and daughter in northwest Alaska.

Kantner has worked as a trapper, fisherman, gardener, mechanic, wildlife photographer, and adjunct professor. Smart and authentic. Ordinary Wolves has scope and a style to match its subjects, the wide-open spaces of Alaska and youth.

Ordinary Wolves: A Novel

A mesmerizing debut novel. Essays and photographs offer an ode to respect—that oft-forsaken, unromantic quality—for the Her new path eventually takes her to Harvester, to romance, and to a journey of selfhood on the Then, one day, she finds a man in the mist where a whale should be: Reu, who has taken human form out of his Great Love for her.

This novel is at One evening, vulnerable and emotionally disarrayed, she Ordinary Wolves. Seth Kantner. A Publishers Weekly Best Book of Share this title.

Copeland on Kantner, 'Ordinary Wolves: A Novel' | H-Nilas | H-Net

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  • Copeland on Kantner, 'Ordinary Wolves: A Novel'.
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In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: 2 1 0 W e s t e r n A m e r ic a n L it e r a t u r e S u m m e r 2 0 0 5 His book of criticism, Other Destinies: Understanding the American Indian Novel , remains the most coherent and nuanced overall interpretation of the subject, developing in depth a perspective connecting postmodernist theory to Trickster word-play that creatively integrates Western and Native traditions of discourse. Access options available: Download PDF.

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