A Body, Undone: Living On After Great Pain

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'A Body, Undone'

An extraordinary and luminous book. Her book's drama lies in trying to decode who she really is. Tender, fierce, and eloquent, A Body, Undone is a necessary, even life-altering book. Levitt,author of American Jewish Loss after the Holocaust conversations within feminist and Disability Studies classrooms and contribute to our collective effort to theorize relationality, embodiment, and interdependence. But Crosby knows that there are no satisfying conclusions when one lives 'a life beyond reason'--and that bit of wisdom alone is cause to read this elegant and harrowing book.

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And the reader is left to face the truth that one's embodiment and the world that goes with it can change utterly and forever, in a heartbeat. Her poignant, well-written, and thoughtful memoir will be of interest to scholars in feminist, gay, and disability studies. Crosbys eloquence and brutal honesty make this a stunning and harrowing account of the experience of human loss.

Simply Live With. (2016)

There's no bitterness in these pages, no anger at the action that led to her injury. Instead, she asks readers to recognize how messy, precarious, and queer, in every sense of the word, life in a body can be. As such, Crosby's act of writing the body is a powerful act of self-preservation.

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Book Review: A Body, Undone: Living On After Great Pain

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Review of Christina Crosby, "A Body, Undone: Living on After Great Pain (A Memoir)"

Industry Reviews A Body, Undoneis a memoir about surviving in the midst of community, reflecting on loss, the interminable nature of grief, and on the meaning of living on. Scientists Who Changed History. In Stock. An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth.

Apollo 11 : The Inside Story. Life In His Hands. Unnatural Causes. When Breath Becomes Air What makes life worth living in the face of death. Forgotten Women The Scientists. Listening to the Animals Becoming The Supervet. Her chin took the full force of the blow, and her head snapped back. In that instant, she was paralyzed.

In A Body, Undone, Crosby puts into words a broken body that seems beyond the reach of language and understanding. She writes about a body shot through with neurological pain, disoriented in time and space, incapacitated by paralysis and deadened sensation. To address this foreign body, she calls upon the readerly pleasures of narrative, critical feminist and queer thinking, and the concentrated language of lyric poetry.

Working with these resources, she recalls her s tomboy ways in small-town, rural Pennsylvania, and records growing into the s through radical feminism and the affirmations of gay liberation. Deeply unsentimental, Crosby communicates in unflinching prose the experience of "diving into the wreck" of her body to acknowledge grief, and loss, but also to recognize the beauty, fragility, and dependencies of all human bodies.

A memoir that is a meditation on disability, metaphor, gender, sex, and love, A Body, Undone is a compelling account of living on, as Crosby rebuilds her body and fashions a life through writing, memory, and desire.

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