A marginal model approach for analysis of multi-reader multi-test receiver operating characteristic

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Thus, there is a demand of a framework that can eliminate the noise and provide high-quality images. This paper presents a new statistical image reconstruction algorithm by proposing a suitable regularization method. The proposed framework is the combination of two basic terms namely data fidelity and regularization.

Maximizing the log likelihood gives the data fidelity term, which represents the distribution of noise in low dose X-Ray CT images. Maximum likelihood expectation maximization algorithm is introduced as a data-fidelity term. The ill-possedness problem of data fidelity term is overcome with the help of complex diffusion filter. It is introduced as a regularization term into the proposed framework that minimizes the noise without blurring edges and preserving the fine structure information into the reconstructed image.

The proposed model has been evaluated on both simulated and real standard thorax phantoms.

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The final results are compared with the other standard methods and it is analyzed that the proposed model has many desirable properties such as better noise robustness, less computational cost, enhanced denoising effect. However, the current segmentation algorithms are not robust to clinical practice due to their high the computational cost or because they cannot accurately segment cells with high overlapping. In this paper, we propose a method that is capable of segmenting both cytoplasm and the nucleus of each individual cell in a clump of overlapping cells.

The proposed method consists of three steps: a cellular mass segmentation; b nucleus segmentation; and, c cytoplasm identification based on an active contour method. We carried out experiments on both synthetic and real cell images.


The performance evaluation of the proposed method showed that it was less sensitive to the increase in the number of cells per image and the overlapping ratio against two other existing algorithms. It has also achieved a promising low processing time and, hence, it has the potential to support expert systems for cervical cell recognition.

Cerebral brain damage cells which leads to other health issues such as vision, hearing, and motor activities and so on. The major health issues for the cerebral palsy children such as vision problem. The proposed approach deals which Vision dysfunction and Oculomotor Assessment for diagnosis and treatment of brain disorder. The movement of eye plays a vital role to get the accurate vision for static and dynamic objects.

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In these proposed approaches we assessed the Oculomotor deficits of CP children by recording the eye movement of 26 CP Children age range and performance compared with age matched control and also analyzing the cerebral palsy children Eye Fixation Centroid, Smooth Pursuit and Eye Lid Blinking activities. From these activities the movement of eye is to provide the window of Neuro plasticity for CP children.

The oculomotor abnormalities indicate the lesion brain of CP children retains the ability to reorganize, by continuous work process of these vision stimulation task techniques for Eye Gaze Direction Approach will improve the cognitive rehabilitation of cerebral palsy children. These gaze related indices in response to both static and dynamic visual stimulation techniques may serve as potential quantitative biomarkers for cerebral palsy children. The patients having neck pain complaint were visiting therapy unit regularly for cervical traction treatment.

The patients were divided into two groups having radiculopathy with paraspinal muscle spasm and without radiculopathy but paraspinal muscle spasm.

The subjects were treated with 15 minutes of cervical traction with a 7 kg strain. The extracted various features in the time domain and frequency domain from the acquired EMG data to assess the muscle fatigue during cervical traction treatment. Features were calculated to evaluate the muscle fatigue during cervical traction in sitting position. Analysis of various parameters indicated significant differences in the paraspinal muscle activities. The results indicate the effectiveness of continuous traction treatment in the reduction of neck pain.

Selva Kumar, N. This G-CSLI model reduces the noise on medical video while generating shares and minimizes the transmission time by minimizing the computational complexity during secret sharing.

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At first, a probabilistic polynomial-time model is used with the objective of minimizing computational complexity during secret sharing. Here, the similarity is measured based on the luminance and structure. Finally, a Lagrange-Interpolation scheme is applied with the objective of minimizing the transmission time and improves the security. Overall, the proposed model minimizes the computational complexity while secret sharing and performs experimental evaluation on factors such as security, transmission time and noise in medical video based visual cryptography. Experimentation shows that the proposed model is able to reduce the computational complexity while secret sharing by The novelty of the present method is the actual hardware implementation for power line interference removal.

The novelty of the proposed method is to achieve better Signal to Noise Ratio SNR by careful selection of the filter order using hardware. The preprocessing removes the noise in the FMRI image; Multi Scale Analysis MSA is used to analyze FMRI to obtain its fractals at 6 different scales, which produce different feature vectors to discriminate between healthy and pathological patients; SelfOrganizing Map Nework SOMN technique, used for segmentation process, is an unsupervised network that utilizes the obtained feature vectors for competitive learning; the Regional Atrophy Analyses are used to differentiate AD from other neurodegenerative diseases.

Compared to MRI, the proposed system gives more satisfactory results for early diagnosis and differenciation of AD from other neurodegenerative diseases.

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The probability of survival can be enhanced if the tumor is detected at its premature stage. Moreover, the process of manually generating precise segmentations of brain tumors from magnetic resonance images MRI is time-consuming and error-prone. Hence, in this paper, an effective technique is employed to segment and classify the tumor affected MRI images. Here, the segmentation is made with Adaptive Watershed Segmentation Algorithm.

After segmentation, the tumor images were classified by means of hybrid ANN classifier.

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The proposed methodology will be implemented in the working platform of MATLAB and the results were analyzed with the existing techniques. Keywords : Neural Network; Medical Image processing; magnetic resonance images. A new color transformation is first proposed to highlight the white blood cells regions; then a marker controlled watershed algorithm is used to segment the region of interest.

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The nucleus and cytoplasm are subsequently separated. In the identification step a set of color, texture and morphological features are extracted from both nucleus and cytoplasm regions. Next, the performances of a random forest classifier on a set of microscopic images are compared and evaluated. The obtained results reveal high recognition accuracies for both segmentation and classification stage. Keywords : white blood cells; cells segmentation; cells classification; color transformation; texture features; morphological features; peripheral blood images; bone marrow images.

Abstract : Wireless Power Transmission WPT is a promising technology that causes drastic changes in the field of biomedical, especially in medical implantable devices such as pacemakers, cardiac defibrillator and cochlear implants. The traditional implantable biomedical devices get power supply from batteries or lead wires through the skin, which not only increasing the burden on the patient, but also increases the pain and risk of surgery. To reduce the cost of biomedical devices, risk of wire snapping, periodic surgery to replace the batteries, wireless delivery of energy to these devices is desirable.

WPT is a promising technology capable of addressing limitations in implantable devices. This technology not only negates the risk of infection due to cables passing through the skin but also negates need for recurrent surgeries to replace batteries and minimizes the size of the device by excising bulky components such as batteries. This paper provides an overview of wireless power transmission history, the basic principle of WPT and their recent research and developments in implantable biomedical applications.

This work is based on the idea that an EEG based control scheme for prosthetics is credible in the current technological climate. The presented experiments investigate the efficiency and usability of the control scheme by testing response times and grasp accuracy. Response times are determined by user training and control method. The grasp accuracy relies on the effectiveness of the support vector machine used in the control scheme.

The outcome of the research is promising and has the potential to provide amputees with an intuitive and easy to use method to control a prosthetic device. Therefore, there is always a great need to develop compression techniques on such images.

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Moreover, they produce 3-Dimensional images and it can be further divided into slices of images and process each as like 2D image or directly produce the sequence of images. Therefore, in every medical image processing operations like segmentation, feature extraction and such operations need to converge on 3D space 3-Dimensional image which is essential and has broader future scope.

In this paper, we provide the Wavelet based image compression technique that can be directly applied on the 3D images itself.

We apply 3D DWT on a 3D volume and the resultant coefficients are taken to further compression process like thresholding, entropy encoding. The inverse processes are performed for decompression to reconstruct the images.