Global Drinking Water Management and Conservation: Optimal Decision-Making

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He is developing a web tool that uses machine learning to identify active crop fields in satellite imagery and geospatial analysis tools to monitor how crops change over time. Knowing where the crops are growing and for how long, and then correlating that to weather data, the system can also infer how much water is being used. With a better understanding of how much groundwater is used by center-pivot irrigation will come opportunities to develop more optimal and efficient practices, as well as policies for better water stewardship.

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With the online map and tools, farmers, water resource managers, policymakers and the public will be better able to make agriculture more land and water efficient. Improving long-range forecasts for flood prediction Climate change disruption to weather patterns sometimes means drought and sometimes means flooding. Already, a United Nations study has shown an increase in weather-related disasters since , with floods accounting for nearly half.

Climate change projections suggest that the frequency and severity of floods will increase in years to come as temperatures rise. And flooding threatens the most people in some of the countries least able to predict or prevent the devastation.

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To make these regions more resilient, long-range forecasts for precipitation and flooding risk must be improved. Existing weather forecast models have been shown to routinely underestimate precipitation even the day before, and neither amount nor location can be predicted accurately five days in advance. But professors Wei Ding and Shafiqul Islam are leading a small team to develop machine learning models with the goal of accurately predicting floods up to 15 days in advance. With this analysis, they plan to build a new forecasting model that can give early flood warnings to vulnerable populations around the world.

More accurate and timely predictions will help reduce the overall impact of these disasters. Microsoft is also making it easy for you to get engaged — just watch some Minecraft!

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MSc International Land and Water Management

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The rule of priority is applied to crops as well; the non-strategic crops have the least efficient and riskiest allocation. The current system allows the country to secure drinking water supply, but it does not create sufficient incentives for entitlement holders that have priority to increase their water use efficiency, does not guarantee ecosystem health and integrity and does not equally distribute the risk among users. An institutional reform is especially relevant to improve water use performance in the agriculture sector and the country's ability to manage drought.

The nonpriority system that allows farmers to exchange their water-use entitlement might increase social welfare of water use. Sign In or Create an Account. Advanced Search.

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