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But both can be either and either can be both. Change is hard for anyone to accept. Female breadwinning is just as perplexing to women as it is to men. One DailyWorth subscriber admitted to being "overwhelmed with the role of mom, wife, and primary breadwinner" because domestic responsibilities "haven't shifted with the added responsibility.

Readers constantly tell me that women are "bad with money" and "clueless about investing. Granger's distress is rooted in an honest concern that we prepare boys for maturity in an ungendered future. He writes, "our education system needs to stop treating boys as problems that must be medicated or punished into submission. Granger may be correct that "imbalance is always a destructive force.

Still, I like the metaphor. The thing about a pendulum is that both trajectories are geometrically dependent upon the pivot from which it's suspended.

Voluntary castration not an offence, says Delhi court

In this case, the pendulum is held up by an unnecessary dichotomy of gender opposition. It's not "us" versus "them. In the Old Testament, it is derived from a word that means to castrate and, by definition, can reference a chamberlain or minister of state Strong's Concordance H In the New Testament, eunuch is derived from a Greek word that means someone castrated and impotent Strong's G Being a eunuch is a purely physical situation for a male. If castration occurs before the age of puberty or the gonads are injured, he will most likely not be able to have children or be able to perform sexually.

A man in the above condition can be trusted to guard the king's women or the females in some official's personal harem.

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Boys in this condition were many times sold by parents or made into slaves. They did this to give their eunuch son a life better than they could possibly provide or to have him provide financial support for the family. The prophet Daniel, who was taken prisoner when the kingdom of Judah was overcome by Babylon's King Nebuchadnezzar, was highly likely one of several eunuchs. Josephus, a historian in the first century A. It should be noted that only descendants of Aaron the High Priest who were free of certain kinds of physical defects could offer bread before the Lord at his temple.

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