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Alternative Microbiology Methods and Pharmaceutical Quality Control

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Official Methods of Analysis, 21st Edition () - AOAC International

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Innovations in methods for the microbiological analysis of food continue to appear at a rapid pace. Edition 8 of the Bacteriological Analytical Manual BAM-8 contained numerous refinements of procedures and updates of references from the edition. The list of commercially available test kits and the discussion of rapid methods in Appendix 1 were thoroughly revised. Three chapters were added: the use of reverse transcription RT and the polymerase chain reaction PCR to detect and quantify contamination of shellfish with hepatitis A virus Chapter 26 ; new procedures for the alkaline phosphatase test to determine whether dairy foods were prepared with pasteurized milk Chapter 27 ; and the use of PCR to detect toxigenic Vibrio cholerae in foods Chapter Appendix 3 reflects changes in media and corrects errors in the 8th Edition.

The methods described in Chapters 1 to 28 are those preferred by FDA for the microbiological analysis of foods, drinks, and cosmetics as well as for their containers, contact materials, and the production environment. This is not necessarily the case for the rapid methods listed in Appendix 1: this appendix is a listing of different kits that are commercially available.

These methods have not necessarily been evaluated by FDA, and listing of a method in this appendix does not constitute a recommendation. Outside reviewers included P. Entis, J. Smith, M. Doyle, N. Stern, R. Twedt, S. Tatini, R. Labbe, M.


Eklund, M. Cousin, L. Eveland, R. Richter, J. Kabara, M. Curiale, and the staff of the National Food Processors Association. Reviews by FDA's field microbiologists, who made valuable suggestions concerning content and practicality, were coordinated by Meredith A. Grahn and her staff.

Antimicrobial Testing Methods & Procedures Developed by EPA's Microbiology Laboratory

Tomlinson with production assistance by Dorothy H. This version Revision A of the 8th Edition, was prepared and produced by Dr. Robert I.

HILL ret. FENG S. GRANT dec. WANG A. HUNT ret. TRAN ret. FENG, J. KOCH ret.