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The hadron-colliding FCC would aim at tesla magnets based on the superconducting alloy Nb3Tn, which would be twice as powerful as the LHC while in principle requiring only slightly warmer temperatures. China on the other hand is pushing for more advanced—but less proven—iron-based superconductors that could push temperatures even higher.

Even if particle physicists agree that the world needs a kilometer collider, it is unclear whether it needs two. Whichever side gets such a project going first will probably pre-empt efforts on the other side.

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Either collider would host experiments open to the broader international community, Wang says, so scientifically it will not make a difference which one ends up being built. Davide Castelvecchi is a senior reporter at Nature in London covering physics, astronomy, mathematics and computer science.

Fractus IV for Trombone and SuperCollider (Audio & Score)

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‘Super Collider’: How Megadeth Smashed Into A New Era

Too pricey? Davide Castelvecchi Davide Castelvecchi is a senior reporter at Nature in London covering physics, astronomy, mathematics and computer science. Get smart. Sign up for our email newsletter. Sign Up.

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You can use it for algorithmic composition and sequencing, finding new sound synthesis methods, connecting your app to external hardware including MIDI controllers, network music, writing GUIs and visual displays, or for your daily programming experiments. It has a stock of user-contributed extensions called Quarks.

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SuperCollider was developed by James McCartney and originally released in It is now maintained and developed by an active and enthusiastic community. Development of SuperCollider happens on GitHub, and we are grateful to the community for contributing bugfixes and improvements.

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