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King, a professor at Georgetown and the author of several books about Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, describes how Boas tried to use the methods of physical anthropologists against them, deploying calipers and eye-color meters to show that the children of immigrants, born in the United States, had more in common with other American-born children than with the national groups represented by their parents.

It was mainly through his teaching at Columbia and his nurturing of a new generation of anthropologists that he changed how many Americans saw the world and, consequently, themselves.

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King weaves in the stories of Hurston and Deloria, who used what they learned from Boas to study their own communities. Mead and Benedict found a measure of freedom in their work. Follow Jennifer Szalai on Twitter: jenszalai.

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Columbus, The Indians, and Human Progress 2. Drawing the Color Line 3. Persons of Mean and Vile Condition 4.

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Tyranny is Tyranny 5. A Kind of Revolution 6. The Intimately Oppressed 7.

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